Process Rock Stars

Process Rock Stars.

What exactly does that mean? Though it may sound flippant, it embodies the discipline we enforce upon ourselves to deliver the best solution possible for our clients. We are exceptionally process driven, which does not mean the same thing as inflexible or rigid. It actually allows us to be more flexible and accommodating because we have safety nets and processes in place to identify when and where problems or “issues” may arise. The rock star part of that statement developed because we have found that when we stick to the processes we have in place we ensure a quality service deliverable and everyone has a happy experience, which results in raving fans as clients. We deploy this discipline in several critical areas, but to highlight a few:

Sales process: the start of it all. The process looks like this:

process rock stars

The stages can be interchanged, but it is not optimal. For example, if you we start with “how much do you cost” than that compromises the Analysis stage because we and you are forced into a defined box and pricing schema that might not completely match your functional requirements or strategic direction. If we are asked for a software demonstration as a first step than that places us both in a situation of trying to find your important topics within a very large and sophisticated platform. I have heard it described as trying to kill a fly with a shotgun. Sometimes you get lucky, but most often you miss the target. All the steps are important.

Implementation Process: after you say yes we do cartwheels to celebrate the successful completion of the first step in our new relationship. If you are truly unlucky we actually perform this in your office or outside your building, but we try to contain ourselves until we are back in our office. After the cartwheels we document all we have learned during the formal Analysis and our conversations together. We review our notes and exchanged emails and create a complete set of instructions for our Implementation Team. The Implementation Team will have a minimum of 4 people that will participate in your client setup, with one of those people being solely responsible for performing a Quality Control (QC) on what the primary Implementation Team member sets up. For more complex setups, i.e. those in need of Benefits Administration, Employee Self Service (ESS), or Time and Attendance there will be additional subject matter experts assigned.

A typical resource assignment for a small client might look like this:

  • Lead Implementer: responsible for creating the client account
  • Tax Manager: create client profile within our tax reconciliation system & perform jurisdiction registrations
  • Quality Control: another set of eyes to verify & validate all that has been done
  • Trainer: we know that the better trained you are the easier it is for everybody

All of the assigned tasks are managed by a strict checklist of assigned tasks, in specific sequential steps to ensure a quality implementation and training experience.

Client Services and Support: This is the meat of our deliverable as most clients come to us because of their desire to have a boutique service and support experience above and beyond what is currently available in the marketplace. Support is provided by our Relationship Managers (RM) and you will be assigned a dedicated representative who will become familiar to you and with your company’s requirements. The Relationship Managers role is to fulfill any/all requests for unique or specialized reporting and updates or modifications to your unique company setup, all while ensuring that you don’t put yourself in harm’s way. For example, do you really want to void that check from a prior year which will necessitate amendments and W2’s? If you say yes, we have a process for that.

Lastly, our happiest clients are those that are trained most completely on how to use our software, retrieve and write their own reports, and understand the mechanics we are all working under, such as ACH regulations and IRS Depositing and Filing requirements. We are always trying to get better and we welcome your input and comments (we even have a process for how we accept input).

We look forward to welcoming you to the Big Fish family.