Could you benefit from Big Fish HR Managed Services?

Big Fish HR Managed Services is dedicated to making HR and Payroll a simple and integrated solution for new, established and growing businesses. No need to spend weeks or months on compliance documentation and ACA tracking. Working with HR Managed Services mitigates your legal and financial risks by allowing you to focus on your running your business, while we focus on the compliance details.   

You may not yet be large enough to have your own in-house HR team on staff, but that does not relieve you of being 100% compliant with Federal and State HR policies & laws. Whether you “do it yourself” or have a full staff in place, Big Fish HR Managed Services can help you effectively manage HR & Payroll, training & coaching for your managers to mitigate risk of lawsuits, performance management & retention, and keep your business in compliance with employment law. Plus, you'll receive unparalleled attention to service and detail, so that you can focus on running your business.

How many employees does your company currently have?
In the last year, has your company reviewed your HR policies for compliance with current and new Federal, State, IRS and Local Government Policies?
Do you often have questions about HR-related topics that remain unanswered?
Do you or are you considering opening an office in another county or state?
When was the last time you company’s employee handbook had been reviewed?
Does your company prepare written offer letters to candidates for selected positions? v
How often does your company conduct employee performance reviews?
Does your company have a policy against unwanted harassment in the workplace?
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Can you benefit from Big Fish HR Managed Services?
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